OxyMem wins Water and Energy Exchange (WEX) Global Innovation in Process Technology Award

The Water and Energy Exchange (WEX) Global Awards 2020 presented last week in Valencia, Spain, saw DuPont Water Solutions shortlisted in 5 of the 10 categories and OxyMem awarded the Innovation in Process Technology Award. The company was honored to receive this recognition of achievement in the water sector, which was appropriately given in the city aquarium, Oceanogràfic – the largest in Europe.

“The judges were particularly impressed by the OxyMem drop-in MABR modules that enhance the capacity of wastewater treatment plants”, commented Mark Barker, CEO of WEX. The technology helps operators cope with fluctuating process loads without having to expand the plant. The MABR delivers oxygen to the established biofilm via the millions of gas permeable membrane tubes; a mechanism capable of saving ~75% energy consumption over traditional bubble aeration.

The elements are designed to be easily retrofitted into existing modules. The upgrade eases the pressure on the plant and enhances effluent quality and treatment capacity without the need for civil works, downtime or constant operator intervention. OxyMem furthermore improves sludge settlement and generates less waste biosolids, reducing the cost and effort of removal from site.

OxyMem was one of four acquisitions undertaken by DuPont Water Solutions in 2019 as part of the organisation’s plan to be the most innovative provider of water purification and filtration solutions in the global market.

The judges gave further recognition to DuPont Water Solutions by shortlisting the company in the Technology, Water and Wastewater Management, Infrastructure, Finance/Partnerships and Desalination categories.

Receiving the award on behalf of the organisation, Guillem Gilabert-Oriol, Research & Development Scientist at DuPont Water Solutions, thanked the judges and dedicated the award to the accomplishments of significant R&D collaboration between end users and the company to deliver a unique and differentiated product with high-performance for secondary wastewater treatment. It reduces footprint and energy requirements while not changing or interrupting the process when retrofitted, making existing assets far more effective.