Ovarro launches logger to increase water savings

Responding to the current market need for products that are lower in cost and simple to use, monitoring solutions company Ovarro has launched XiLogFlow, a plug-and-play flow logger for both large and small facilities.

XiLogFlow, a plug-and-play flow logger for both large and small facilities

The loggers can support multiple applications in commercial, industrial and public sector facilities, including utilities, hospitality and healthcare. They can also be deployed in residential buildings, where they can used for sub-metering and tenant billing in apartment blocks, domestic water use analysis, and smart home integration, providing real-time information for residents and building managers to make decisions about water usage.

More efficient water use in agriculture is also supported by integrating XiLogFlow dataloggers into irrigation systems and for livestock watering systems, where usage can be monitored to ensure consistent supply for livestock.

The insights provided by XiLogFlow loggers mean users can quickly identify problems

By understanding water usage over time, they help individuals and organisations find opportunities to use water more efficiently, reduce their consumption and costs. This kind of analysis gives facilities managers better understanding of how much water is being used at their premises. It also allows them to identify potential water saving opportunities, where consumption is high, and where leaks have gone undetected.

The advances in battery technology give Ovarro loggers a 10-year battery life, reducing maintenance visits. The improvements in battery power mean the XiLogFlow can capture metre readings every 15 mins, which are uploaded once a day.

All data collated by XiLogFlow is presented in LoggerVision, found within Ovarro’s analytics platform Atrium

The records are accessible anytime, from any device, via the app. The logger is fitted with a universal SIM card, allowing connection to multiple mobile networks as well as the LTE-CATM1 Internet of Things (IoT) cellular network with 2G fallback. 

By having Ovarro’s tools to monitor water use and reduce the runtime of leaks, wasted water and associated repair costs, organisations have more visibility and therefore better management of their water usage. This approach reportedly ensures an efficient use of resources, reduces excess consumption and ensures improved budget control, while contributing toward critical business sustainability goals. “Industrial companies and commercial building owners wanting to reduce waste to improve cost efficiency and save water, must become smarter in their operations”, said Ovarro CCO Paul Hartley.