OTT HydroMet celebrates 150th anniversary

For 150 years, OTT HydroMet product brand OTT has been pioneering hydrological and meteorological instrumentation. Originating in Germany, OTT has since expanded to be a global industry leader providing quality products, customised solutions, and technical support.

OTT HydroMet plans to celebrate its 150th Anniversary with a five-month event highlighting new innovations, special customer events and global success stories. The OTT brand continues to innovate with its release of the OTT PLS 500, smart pressure level sensor and the OTT ecoLog 1000, an all-in-one level logger and telemetry solution now with conductivity measurements. A series of both private and public customer-facing events are scheduled across the globe including a dedicated customer event, Anwenderforum, at the Kempten headquarters in September. It also plans on a digital social campaign, OTT Product Brand Archives which followers will be guided through the history of the OTT brand, recounting stories that contributed to the advancement of environmental monitoring.

“This milestone for OTT HydroMet occurs at a time when our mission of enabling decisions that protect lives and the environment is more important than ever,” said Tom Bolling, its president. “Our commitment to this mission and to our customers, OTT HydroMet will continue sharing our expertise with scientists, engineers, and hydrologists around the world.”

The OTT HydroMet anniversary celebrations has kicked-off this May and will continue through October 2023.