OTEKO Chooses IDE’s Reverse Osmosis Systems For Its Desalination Plant in Russia

IDE PROGREEN™ reverse osmosis technology to provide water from the Black Sea for industrial coal usage and drinking needs

Photo: IDE Technologies

IDE Technologies has announced that it has been commissioned by OTEKO, a diversified holding company involved in transport services for the Russian Federation, CIS countries, to deliver reverse osmosis systems to OTEKO’s desalination plant. The IDE PROGREEN™ reverse osmosis desalination units will produce 11,000 m³ of drinking-quality water per day in the coal terminal to spray the coal piles and eliminate the spread of coal dust by the wind.

The desalination plant will complement the development of a cargo terminal and an industrial area at the shore of the Black Sea. Located at the Taman seaport, the plant will utilize water from the Black Sea. The overall scope of the project includes two IDE PROGREEN™ reverse osmosis desalination units. The IDE PROGREEN™ is a chemical-free desalination technology designed to produce clean water from standard seawater, without the use of any chemicals, while providing a simple end-to-end solution. The IDE PROGREEN™ systems are modular in design and compact, making them easy to transport and install, in addition to its low operational costs.

“This is a great opportunity for IDE to partner with OTEKO and assist them with their immediate water needs while looking ahead to future projects in Russia,” said Amnon Levy, CEO of IDE Projects. “In the coal industry where water usage is high, IDE provides a viable solution while our IDE PROGREEN™ technology ensures that the process is chemical-free and sustainable. This project propels our mission as an innovator in water treatment technology to provide consistent delivery of solutions for industrial water usage.”