OSMOSUN steps up operations in Morocco by launching a JV with Moroccan industrial group PCS

Provider of solar-powered seawater and brackish water desalination solutions OSMOSUN has launched an equal stake joint venture (JV) alongside Moroccan industrial group PCS.

This industrial and commercial partnership is part of the group’s deployment strategy in the region of west and north Africa to meet the objectives of the national programme for potable water supply and irrigation (PNAEPI) launched by the Moroccan government as part of its national water plan (PNE) for 2020-2050. The country currently has 12 seawater desalination plants and plans on tripling its capacities by 2030 to boost the proportion of drinking water generated from seawater from 11-50%. Launched in 2020 for a seven-year period, the PNAEPI is aimed at improving water security by increasing the resilience of drinking water supply and irrigation through investments in new dams and desalination plants.

OSMOSUN in Morocco will benefit from its solar desalination technology as well as the local foothold and expertise provided by PCS regarding infrastructure management on behalf of third parties in Morocco. It will focus on small and medium-capacity desalination projects to supply drinking water to isolated areas across Morocco. It is also said to handle the units’ design, production, installation, commissioning and operation stages.

OSMOSUN MA will be consolidated at 50% in the OSMOSUN financial statements. Resources will be allocated to this subsidiary in proportion to its growth, starting with access to both companies’ existing resources.

In a statement, OSMOSUN chairman and CEO Quentin Ragetly said that the market potential for water desalination is “huge” due to “water scarcity issue in Morocco”. He added, “OSMOSUN MA is positioned to benefit from the investment programme for the construction of seawater desalination plants implemented by the country’s government alongside Moroccan industrial group OCP, for which PCS delivered desalination plants.” 

(Image: Unsplash)