Osmosun signs a development partnership with the Emergency Architects Foundation

Osmosun, a provider of solar-powered seawater and brackish water desalination solutions, signed a partnership with French non-governmental organisation Emergency Architects Foundation with the aim for a large-scale deployment of an autonomous water and energy production solution in a post-disaster situation.  

Confronted with the problems of access to drinking water and electricity, the foundation has developed a water hydrogen energy sustainable system (WHESS), a system that treats water using Osmosun solar reverse osmosis (RO) solution and produces energy autonomously.

This solution meets water and energy needs in isolated locations. WHESS can supply almost 5m3 of drinking water per day using the Osmosun RO unit and 6kW/hr of electricity. The initial 270kg compact and mobile version, which can be deployed in 30mins, was launched in June 2023.

The foundation now intends to manufacture its WHESS solutions on a larger scale to deploy them rapidly in an event of a crisis. Osmosun is said to be the exclusive provider of processing solutions, and the partners will also continue to work together to improve the solution and its production.

Meanwhile, Osmosun will also pursue the development of its own solutions to continue offering autonomous, low-carbon, small-capacity desalination systems that can be deployed in emergency situations. “Working in emergency situations requires specific resources that we have been able to develop,” said its chairman and CEO Quentin Ragetly.