Oasys Water’s Project at a Power Plant in China Recognized by Global Water Intelligence at the Global Water Awards

World’s First Forward Osmosis-based Zero Liquid Discharge Technology Transforms Abused Industrial Wastewater in China

Oasys Water, a world leader committed to developing innovative, sustainable solutions for transforming abused industrial wastewater into valuable freshwater resources, today announced that Oasys and Chinese partner Beijing Woteer have been honored by Global Water Intelligence (GWI) with a Distinction Award in the category of Industrial Water Project of the Year. Global Water Intelligence, the leading publisher and provider of water industry news and information, has honored Oasys and Woteer’s deployment of the Changxing Power Plant, the world’s first commercial application of Forward Osmosis-based Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). This recognition represents the most impressive technical or environmental achievement in the field of industrial water.

GWI’s Industrial Water Project of the Year was presented last night during the 2016 Global Water Awards ceremony in Abu Dhabi. GE won the award for their Australian Produced Water Project, and Oasys received a Distinction Award for its deployment at the Changxing Power Plant. Each year, the coveted Global Water Awards are presented at the Global Water Summit, the major business conference for the water industry worldwide. The Awards acknowledge the most important achievements in the international water industry within several categories. In 2014, Oasys Water was named Water Technology Company of the Year by Global Water Intelligence, recognizing the company’s significant contributions to the field of water technology for its unique, powerful, and innovative Forward Osmosis technology which enables high-recovery desalination and highly effective treatment of complex industrial wastewaters.

“We are thrilled to be honored again by Global Water Intelligence, this time with a Distinction for the Industrial Water Project of the Year. This highlights Oasys’ continuing commitment to deliver the world’s most innovative water treatment solutions,” said Jim Matheson, CEO of Oasys Water. “We feel that this recognition further amplifies GWI’s acknowledgment of our technology’s impact and its ability to solve very important and challenging water treatment problems around the globe.”

Oasys Water’s Forward Osmosis-based water recovery solutions are designed to transform industrial wastewater, such as waste from power plants and produced water from oil and gas exploration and production activities, into fresh water for beneficial reuse at a significant cost and energy savings compared to alternative methods. Partnering with Beijing Woteer, Oasys Water deployed its state-of-the-art Changxing Power Plant project in April 2015 to desalinate up to 630 m3/day of the coal-fired power plant’s wastewater from flue gas desulfurization (FGD), reducing both the intake of local surface water and the outflow of industrial wastewater. The Changxing plant uses Oasys’ Membrane Brine Concentrator (MBC) system as the core piece of a ClearFlo Complete ZLD technology package which operates at more than 90% recovery and provides complete water recovery at lower capital cost and operating cost than evaporator-based offerings. This cutting edge undertaking marks China’s first commercial use of a Forward Osmosis-based ZLD system and is setting the benchmark for industrial ZLD solutions globally.

The Distinction comes amidst a period of growth for Oasys Water as the company expands its commercial operations globally. In addition to China, Oasys has recently established activities in India and opened an office in Dubai to tackle these two markets, which both have significant industrial wastewater challenges. The Changxing project success has accelerated Oasys’ growth in the Chinese market where ZLD is gaining rapid adoption and where Oasys and Woteer have recently secured three new industrial wastewater treatment projects. These new projects include an additional power project along with two very large coal-to-chemical projects, further expanding the type and size of applications that can be solved with Oasys’ ClearFlo solutions.