NX Filtration starts nanofiltration pilot with drinking water company PWN

PWN, responsible for the production and supply of drinking water in the Dutch province of Noord-Holland, selected NX Filtration, specialist in innovative membrane solutions, to start a pilot for the sustainable production of drinking water based on hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes. 

NX Filtration’s Mexpert pilot installation for hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes at PWN

The NX Filtration pilot installation will first be deployed at PWN’s testing and technology center in Andijk, the Netherlands. Filtration’s hollow fiber nanofiltration technology can provide substantial benefits over a conventional set-up that combines ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. Benefits include the water quality that can be obtained in just a single filtration step. There are also substantial sustainability benefits as it is expected that energy consumption can be reduced and the use of pre-treatment and remineralisation chemicals can be avoided. 

Erik Roesink, the founder of NX Filtration adds, “We have already implemented our technology on IJsselmeer water, the same source that PWN is using for its Heemskerk plant, in a small installation on the island of Pampus. Here, we demonstrated to significantly reduce the number of filtration steps, energy consumption and use of chemicals to reach a similar water quality as in a traditional process. We are proud that PWN is now testing and researching the benefits that our unique hollow fiber nanofiltration technology can bring.”