NX Filtration receives two distinction awards at the Global Water Summit 2023

NX Filtration, the global provider of direct nanofiltration technology for pure water, received two distinction awards from Global Water Intelligence (GWI) at the annual Global Water Summit, the business conference for the water industry worldwide, with this year’s theme of creating a climate for growth.

NX Filtration received a distinction in the category Water Technology Company of the Year, the category for the company which made the most significant contribution to the field of water and digital technology in 2022.

Global Water Awards commentary said that the NX Filtration last year cemented a global reach thanks to a wealth of regional partners that facilitate the distribution of its technology. The company continued its technology strategy towards the elimination of micropollutants, working with KWR in the Netherlands to test its membranes for the retention of PFAS — showing promising results.

The distinction for Water Project of the Year, for the water project that shows the greatest innovation in terms of optimising its physical or environmental footprint, was awarded to the Dumai City Wastewater Treatment Plant on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. This plant, commissioned by local utility PDAM Dumai and contracted Bayu Surya Konstruksi, uses NX Filtration’s direct nanofiltration membranes to treat water for potable purposes from the local Masjid River.

Global Water Awards commentary added that the project stands as a model for a host of countries where coloured water is an issue. By using nanofiltration to remove colour and pollutants from the water, the upgrade turned the river water supply from an undrinkable and potentially dangerous source into a crystal-clear and safe drinking water supply. Reducing OpEx to just $0.19/m3 and energy consumption to 0.3kWh/m3 made the project a low-cost and low-footprint solution.