Nuvonic launches UVpro FMT air and surface treatment to boost hygiene standards across industries

Nuvonic, a global ultraviolet (UV) technology solutions provider, has launched UVpro flange module tank (FMT) UVC disinfectors for the treatment of air and surfaces in storage tanks. This solution is said to ensure the cleanliness and safety of storage tank environments in industries, including F&B, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals.

The UVpro FMT is engineered to be installed in storage tanks, where its flange-mounted lamps eliminate germs in the air and on inner tank walls

Using UVC technology, Nuvonic solution provides a disinfection process, safeguarding stored products and maintaining hygiene standards.

An advantage of the UVpro FMT system is its compliance with hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) and industrial and financial systems (IFS) requirements for splinter protection. The lamps are polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) coated, shatter-proof, and ensure the system adheres to industry regulations and guidelines. This safeguards the environment as UVpro FMT system prioritises safety while meeting quality and compliance standards. It also provides options catering to different tank sizes and disinfection requirements. Its low-pressure design ensures energy efficiency, making it a cost-effective choice.

UVpro FMT allows easy installation and retrofitting, a choice for new and existing storage tank setups. The system includes a monitoring unit that ensures continuous function monitoring. In the event of malfunction or tube failure, an alarm message is triggered through a potential-free contact.

Christopher Mueller, Nuvonic head of sales, air and surface, said, “Air and surface disinfection is a necessity for storage tanks across industries. Harnessing UV light, the UVpro FMT kills germs with its easy installation, energy efficiency, and compliance with industry standards.”