Nuvonic launches UV solutions for enhanced water treatment

Nuvonic, a global UV technology solutions provider, has launched three UV solutions designed to enhance water treatment processes.

The UV solutions offer water treatment companies a cost-effective approach towards remote monitoring and control of UV systems, municipal wastewater treatment, and performance validation of drinking water UV systems

The first of these solutions, Nuvonic UV Connect, is a cost-effective solution that offers remote access to industrial computers, reducing downtime and site visits. The second solution, OpenLine, provides a low-maintenance and easy-to-operate UV system for municipal wastewater treatment. Finally, the Nuvonic ProLine PQ IL DVGW drinking water UV solution is validated by the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW).

“Nuvonic UV solutions improve water quality and safety while meeting customers’ needs, providing reliable systems backed by global support,” said Alex Langston, its managing director. “By providing customers access to these solutions, Nuvonic is promoting a safer and healthier environment for everyone. Introducing these UV solutions to the market is a step forward in water treatment and is poised to transform the industry.”

UV Connect is a remote access device that allows the WEUVCARE team, Nuvonic service team, to access the UV system programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for remote troubleshooting and monitoring of systems without physically going on-site. The device uses a cloud-based remote-connectivity solution, allowing the UVCARE team to connect remotely using a VNC Viewer Software package. UV Connect can be used with any product with Allen Bradley PLCs. UV Connect comes in two variants; a device that allows connectivity through an active internet connection or a 4G mobile connection.

UV Connect offers 24/7 global remote access to reduce downtime and site visits
OpenLine is a customisable open-channel system that allows users to expand the system for future needs

The municipal industry primarily uses open-channel UV for wastewater disinfection before discharge. The product has a horizontal design that is used in concrete or steel channels in sewage treatment facilities. The system disinfects municipal effluent for safe reuse or releases to vulnerable environments. OpenLine UV systems provide an economical and efficient solution for treating wastewater effluent, using low-pressure, high-output amalgam lamps, delivering a sustainable design while not compromising quality or performance.

ProLine PQ IL DVGW is a performance-validated UV system

ProLine PQ IL DVGW is a performance-validated UV system and the DVGW has validated the system. This recognised third party administers bioassay tests to indicate whether the UV system will be accepted for specific operating parameters.

The system was performance tested using the worst-case hydraulic scenario, subjected to various flow rates and water quality conditions