Nuvonic introduces the ECO product line in UV water treatment systems

Global UV technology solutions provider Nuvonic unveiled the ECO product line for ultraviolet (UV) water treatment as it is said to eliminate dead spots and meet hygienic design standards of F&B; pharmaceuticals and healthcare; semiconductor and microelectronics; power and energy; and building services.

The ECO is said to use a new high-output amalgam lamp designed for industrial applications. It has reportedly fewer maintenance requirements than other systems, and an out-of-the-box system preassembled and ready to install. With UV lamps exceeding 330W, the ECO, coupled with optimised ballast efficiency, maximises power utilisation to increase overall system efficiency.

The optimised ballast and lamp combination reportedly increase endurance across a wider range of fluid temperatures

The system is standard with a stainless-steel enclosure, FDA-compliant seals and gaskets, and an optional auto wiper for expanded application scenarios. The 7in HMI display with a user-friendly interface showcases real-time running parameters, including UV intensity, flow rate, and UV dose. The system employs an optimised design utilising reduction equivalent dose (RED) sizing methodology.

The ECO has been validated through computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling, UL and CE approvals, functional tests, and FDA approval for wetted parts.