Nuvonic celebrates 100 years in business

Global UV technology solutions provider Nuvonic commemorates its 100th year. Formerly known as Hanovia, the company has been a stalwart in UV science since its inception in the 1920s.

Founded in Slough, Berkshire, UK, in 1924, Hanovia started manufacturing UV lamps for medical applications. Since then, the company has been at the forefront of UV science. Over the years, Hanovia evolved into one of the world’s leading UV lamps and systems manufacturers, contributing to industries such as F&B processing, pharmaceuticals, brewing, electronics, and aquaculture.

Nuvonic’s century-long journey is a testament to innovation and adaptability (Image: Nuvonic)

In 1981, Nuvonic became part of Halma, laying the foundation for future growth. The subsequent years witnessed Berson’s integration into the Halma family in 1986 and Berson’s introduction of the InLine model of UV systems in 1995. In 2017, Hanovia, Berson, and Aquionics united under a single management team, fortifying their position in the UV technology landscape. The year 2021 saw Orca joining Halma, further strengthening the collective expertise. In 2022, these four entities converged under the banner of Nuvonic.

“Reaching our 100th year is proof that Nuvonic has stayed strong, adapted, and kept delivering for our customers,” said Alex Langston, managing director of Nuvonic. “Thriving for a century means we are always innovating and changing with the times. As industry leaders, we have shared our progress worldwide, weathered changes, and made a positive impact on our team, customers, and the business world.”

“As Nuvonic approaches its centennial milestone in 2024, we remain dedicated to being a reliable, seasoned, and customer-centric partner. With a century of expertise at the forefront of UV science, we understand what it takes to meet customer needs across diverse industries and we will continue to explore breakthroughs in UV technology to improve people’s health and safety,” added Langston.