NSF Certification for AQUALOOP Greywater Recycling Systems

INTEWA has announced that its AQUALOOP greywater recycling technology is now certified under NSF 350 for bath and laundry recycling at the commercial (C) level. It is the very first and only system to pass these rigorous standards (implies residential also), according to the company.

This certification helps assure that greywater treated with the AQUALOOP system is suitable for use indoors for toilet flushing and spray irrigation, and is not just sub-surface drip like most other types of greywater treatment. NSF 350 also assures that Aqualoop treated water can be stored for extended periods and is not subject to the typical requirement that untreated greywater be used or dumped within 24 hours.

“We are excited about this news because it will open the doors to increased adoption of this valuable water management tool,” said Oliver Ringelstein, Manager. “Put another way, NSF 350 listing will make permitting and approval much easier. The NSF certified modular AQUALOOP system also enables customers now to work with local tanks to create cost efficient systems.”