North East Water in Australia chooses to work with InfoWorks WS and InfoWorks ICM SE

Innovyze, one of the foremost innovators of business analytics technologies and software for smart wet infrastructure worldwide, announced on Tuesday, 14th March, that North East Water (NEW) in Victoria, Australia, has chosen to work with InfoWorks WS (Water Supply) and InfoWorks ICM SE (Integrated Catchment Modelling) (Sewer Edition) in the formulation and creation of its new Urban Water Strategy.

NEW is a water and wastewater service provider in North East Victoria serving an approximate 106,739 people in 41 neighbourhoods covering an area of 20,000 km². It currently operates 20 wastewater treatment facilities, as well as 21 water treatment plants – not counting the dosing stations – with numerous disinfection booster facilities around the district, and provides 49,114 consumers with 1,738 kilometres of drinkable water reticulation along with servicing a further 44,780 connections with 1,175 kilometres of sewage system.

As Peter Slocomb, the Engineering Coordinator for the Growth Planning for NEW, noted, “[The company] sought to update and modernise its water reticulation and sewerage reticulation modelling capabilities to align with industry best practice. The transition to InfoWorks ICM SE aligns with the Corporation’s Inflow and Infiltration Study project, which involves, amongst other things, a review of the performance of the Wodonga, Wagaratta, Benalla and Yarrawonga sewerage systems. These systems will be assessed against Section 35(1) of the Victoria State Government’s State Environment Protection Policy (Waters of Victoria), which seeks to achieve containment of sewage flows up to the one in five year storm event. The building and calibration of the sewerage reticulation models needed to assess compliance gives the Corporation an opportunity to use these models for scenario development to assess various containment strategies. It also gives the Corporation the tools to explore [cost efficient] options for growth planning into the future.

“The transition to InfoWorks WS gives NEW the opportunity to modernise its water reticulation models for all its towns using modern information technologies such as GIS (geographic information system), billing data and digital terrain models [like] LiDAR. Utilisation of GIS data will make it possible for NEW to continuously update its water reticulation models when network extensions occur and these are recorded in the GIS. The software will allow for growth planning and system optimisation, taking full advantage of available system controls and electricity tariff structures.” Slocomb also pointed out that Innovyze’s healthy grip on the Victorian water sector opens many opportunities for NEW to take part in local user group training and meetings.

Combining complex network modelling with systems dynamics, predictive analytics and business planning and optimisation functions, InfoWater WS allows water service providers to make informed designs, plans, and management decisions with certainty. The software comes ready with every little thing water utility operators require to design, plan, operate, and secure and maintain their water allocation and delivery systems, and accords them a detailed description of their work, from changing water quality simulations to fire flow, valve pressure and leakage to energy cost analysis and district metering area (DMA) administration.

InfoWorks ICM SE, on the other hand, is a thorough dynamic sewer network modelling solution providing quick, detailed and unequivocally absolute and reliable numerical solution schemes, offering a high degree of trust in the simulation conclusions. This software can be used on any complicated combined, storm and sanitary sewage system model as it grants an exhaustive range of hydrology, hydraulic, and water quality simulations together with refined real-time control (RTC) modelling capacities.

“The Innovyze family of smart network modelling and management solutions continues to be the standard for the world’s largest and prominent water and wastewater utilities,” Paul F. Boulos, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Innovation Officer of Innovyze, said. “The selection by NEW further confirms that utilities that invest in Innovyze technology gain a technological advantage that leads to measurable improvements in productivity, system performance, and customer satisfaction at maximum cost savings. Our superior high-performance software will help NEW engineers create and manage sustainable and resilient wet infrastructure, even under the most challenging conditions.”

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