Non-Chemical Water Treatment for Power & Energy Industry

Atlantium Technologies Ltd., global leader in UV water treatment, today announced that they will be showing a full-scale demo of Hydro-Optic UV at the US Pavilion in PowerGen Europe in Milan on June 21-23, 2016. The technology provides non-chemical, environmentally friendly solutions for water – the backbone of most power generation processes. Until now, power plants have had to rely on chemicals – and their associated environmental impacts.

Atlantium Hydro-Optic UV is field proven in power plants for replacing the chemical biocides that result in a host of problems for the plant and the environment. Increasingly strict chemical discharge policies and enforcement demand solutions that significantly reduce chemical use.

“It is Atlantium’s mission to enable sustainable safe water using light rather than chemicals”, said Mr. Benjamin Kahn, CEO of Atlantium Technologies, named “Hero of the Environment” by Time magazine. “Atlantium UV reduces the biofouling that enables all kinds of pathogens, algae and other organisms that threaten public health to thrive. Legionella, for one, thrives in cooling tower temperatures and is a real concern in Europe and the rest of the world.”

Atlantium provides the power & energy industry with proven, sustainable options for micro- and macro- (mussels/invasive species) biofouling control and non-chemical dechlorination & disinfection for boiler feedwater and make-up water that protects RO membranes and other sensitive equipment. It is an engineer validated system certified by third-party testing based on US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protocols, and proven in full scale trials.

Hydro-Optic UV leverages fiber optic and hydraulic principles to harness the full power of UV light, effectively recycling photons for better results using much less energy. Integrated software, driven by sophisticated algorithms, tracks the key variables affecting UV dose in real time, automatically adjusting so that a measured effective UV dose is being delivered all the time.

See a demo and speak to an expert at SIWW 2016.