NIVUS introduces self-monitoring ultrasonic flow measurement system

Dubbed the “world’s first” self-monitoring with status output for ultrasonic devices with cross-correlation technology, the company claims.

NivuFlow 750 flow measurement system from NIVUS.

NIVUS, a measurement technology manufacturer, has equipped with NivuFlow 750 flow measurement system with self-monitoring intelligence. Measurement place operators benefit from higher operational reliability as they are able to obtain targeted function checks while scheduling maintenance as needed.

With the support of self-diagnosis function, the measured values and functionality of the sensor system are checked for plausibility. This is done by continuously monitoring the signal quality. In this way, negative influences on the measurement values or on the sensors are detected and transmitted to the operator using status messages. Operators benefit from increased system availability and, for instance, carry out maintenance as soon as it is necessary.

The NivuFlow 750 flow measurement system is mainly used for accurate flow measurement in slight to heavily polluted water. Typical fields of applications are wastewater treatment plants, sewer networks, overflow structures, industrial wastewater networks, billing measurement places, dischargers, drainage lines, return sludge lines, and recirculation lines.