Nivus introduces NivuLink Micro II IoT gateway

Autonomous transmission of measurement data with NivuLink Micro II.

NivuLink Micro II provides measurement data from sensors or other data sources via mobile communication. Designed from the ground up for outdoor use, NivuLink Micro II is enclosed with a protection class IP68 as well as approval for EX zone 1, making it deployable for use directly in the sewer. A HART interface enables the connection of sensor systems from other manufacturers. For long independent use in the field, the unit has a battery life of seven years with an hourly measurement cycle and daily data transmission.

Nivus’ Internet of Things (IoT) concept enables operators to automatically transmit data with visualisation and logging options in connection with the Nivus WebPortal. NivuLink Micro II is already an integrated component of the manufacturer’s communication concept with secure data transmission. Plug-and-play reduces the effort required for commissioning. The gateway can be integrated into an existing customer system consisting of software and hardware as well. The built-in electronics enable worldwide mobile network coverage.

Up to four universal inputs collect the analogue and digital data and supply connected sensors with power for the measurement processes. Operators can define the measurement and transmission cycles as well as the alarms and threshold values individually. A selectable event mode allows for shorter cycles times. NivuLink Micro II also enables the calculation of the flow rate on the basis of level data by means of adjustable Q-h relations.

The intuitive operating concept allows operators quick and easy commissioning of the system. Changing parameters via mobile communications saves time and travel costs during operation.

As an alternative to battery operation, the gateway can also be connected to an external power supply.