Nijhuis Industries to showcase a record number of 14 innovations at IFAT in Munich

During this year’s IFAT, Nijhuis Industries is showcasing a record number of 14 innovations to the (waste)water technology market which are vital to the challenges the world is facing today. Solutions for sustainable water use, resource recovery and intelligent services are completing
the range of Nijhuis’ showcased innovations during the 50th anniversary of the IFAT.

Nijhuis will present their intelligent solutions and services range of (High Rate) DAF’s; intelligent dosing control; decentralized WWTP control; monitoring services as well as their ozone technology, biological solutions and the next generation of fine bubble aeration solutions. Adding intelligence in (waste)water solutions will help to anticipate changing requirements, demanding regulations to strive to continuously lower the life-cycle cost and environmental footprint. To maximize flexibility of customers, modular solutions are a game-changing new modular set-up for WWTP’s in today’s vibrant environment.

Implementing waste to value strategies to recover resources
Menno M. Holterman, CEO Nijhuis Industries added: “To implement industrial and municipal waste to value strategies and turn (waste)water into profit, innovative technologies such as ammonia recovery (NAR) and fat recovery (i-FAT) are needed to recover resources and fulfill the ever-demanding sustainable requirements. The award-winning AECOMIXTM biogas solutions are turning waste and wastewater into a true powerplant, as the GENIAAL is turning manure into fertilizer and clean water. Another sustainable innovation which is following the waste to value strategy is the i-WONDER, to boost the biogas production and improve the dewaterability of sludge.”

Special IFAT action to receive an i-CONSULT or an i-MONITORING contract
While IFAT is celebrating its 50th anniversary, Nijhuis celebrates its 112 years of existence. For more than a decade, innovation and customer satisfaction have been fundamental cornerstones of the success. In order to celebrate the extensive history and to introduce its ‘customer for life’ approach, Nijhuis will be holding a raffle to win one of 12 special vouchers.

Nijhuis is looking forward to presenting the record number of 14 innovations at their booth A3. 251/350 and inviting the visitors of the IFAT to enjoy the famous catering and on-stand cooking, as well as the specially crafted Nijhuis beer during the Nijhuis party.