Nijhuis Industries and Shanghai Winner enter strategic partnership

Nijhuis Industries, a solutions provider for resource recovery and sustainable water use across the globe, announced on Wednesday, 22nd March, that it has entered a strategic partnership with Shanghai Winner, an industrial water solution integrator based in Shanghai. Together, these two preeminent water and wastewater organisation will team up to offer exceptional ‘cost-to-profit’ turnkey water solutions to industrial clients in China. This alliance will help confront the multiple environmental challenges associated with water use, while also advancing the global drive toward a more circular economy.

Nijhuis was established in 1904 in the Netherlands and their innovative solutions, adaptability, and customer-oriented methodology have been important foundations in the organisation’s history and resulted in more than 2400 references around the world. The organisation provides innovative, cutting-edge, state-of-the-art systems, services, and solutions for resource recovery and sustainable water use across a broad range of industries. To adapt to customer specifications, Nijhuis provides customised installations in order to generate profit from water, wastewater, waste, and process water.

“Climate change has already had a major impact in certain geographical regions around the world – we all need to work together to reduce the impact further over the coming decades,” CEO of Nijhuis Industries, Menno M. Holterman, said. “China attaches great importance to [the] implementation of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, addressing climate change actively and integrating climate change [responses] into national development strategies. China will pursue green development by promoting a green and low-carbon model and lifestyle, protecting [the] ecological system. We look forward to continuing our journey in China together with Shanghai Winner to embrace the opportunities the circular economy [offers us to] create a more sustainable world, implementing innovation-driven development strategies. The increased focus on the Nijhuis Industries [brand] is helping to embed our company profile in the minds of our new and existing customers as the company of choice for sustainable water and [waste-to-value] solutions.”

For 16 years, Shanghai Winner has provided engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) solutions to Chinese industrial sites. A privately-owned industrial water solution integrator with a substantial track record of 122 EPC projects stretched over 21 provinces in China; they have a reputation for successfully treating severe industrial water contamination. Its management boasts a grand total of more than 40 years of experience in the water industry, and is committed to launching projects of the topmost quality and safety standards. 15 years worth of experience in reliably enabling customers to meet local environmental standards, and long-term relationships along with an extensive network established among local subcontractors and suppliers allow the organisation to present cost-efficient solutions absolutely accommodated to the Chinese market.

“Collaborating with a company like Nijhuis Industries, which not only has outstanding technologies, but also 113 years of project delivery and customer service experience, is a rare opportunity to bring our customers the best of both worlds: [cutting-edge] technologies at very competitive pricing,” Chairman of Shanghai Winner, Jack Zhang, said. “With Nijhuis, we will demonstrate to the Chinese industrial customers that they can turn their water pollution into a tremendous source of value and sustainable profit. Additionally, we will offer high-quality operation and maintenance (O&M) services to our customers, leveraging [on] Nijhuis Industries’ experience [in] DBFOM (Design Build Finance Operate Maintain) contracts and our own EPC and chemical supply background.”