NEWIN rebrands itself

NEWIN, one of the world’s foremost water-innovation clusters, has been devoted to making an impact on the water industry in the global water market as well as in New England since 2011. The enterprise’s dedication to the acceleration of water innovation has grown immensely, and it has disclosed the opening of a new office in New York City (NYC). In order to better express this broadening sphere of influence, the organisation has voiced that the current name, ‘New England Water Innovation Network’, will be changed to ‘NorthEast Water innovation Network’.

Marcus Oliver Grey, Executive Director of NEWIN, said: “Over the past 18 months, the community we support has expanded to include universities, start-ups, and companies in New Jersey and New York. This rebranding is intended to reflect our commitment to driving the success of our water-innovation ecosystem throughout the NorthEast region.”

NEWIN’s office in NYC will be located within a 50,000ft² (4,645m²) incubator space home to a community of start-ups and strategic partners committed to assisting innovators and entrepreneurs overcome NYC’s civic challenges named Grand Central Tech. The company’s presence in New York will push business, networking, knowledge sharing, and innovation support services to water-tech innovators found in the Tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut).

“Over the past few years we have grown extensively and now support a water-technology community of 298 companies. More than one third of our members are based outside of Massachusetts, and our expansion to a physical presence in New York enables us to support the needs of our region’s growing water-innovation economy more effectively,” Philip Ashcroft, Chairman of NEWIN, said.

“The formal presence of NEWIN in New York is a great addition to the state’s expanding water technology ecosystem. As members of the network, we value the help it provides. NEWIN facilitates connections with innovators and representatives from industry; prospective partners in developing cost-effective solutions to meet pressing regional water challenges,” Jennifer Garvey, Associate Director of the Centre for Clean Water Technology at Stony Brook University, added.

However, NEWIN’s rebranding of itself not only better represents its longer reach across the Northeast. It also points to the looming reality that the world is, and will be, encountering harsh water challenges. Armed with a new name and office, NEWIN is now looking ahead to spearheading a new phase in the acceleration of water innovation, as well as aiding local water-innovators in their missions to make a difference in the world.