New wave of startups scale innovation to solve global water challenges

Twelve startups were selected for the 2024 cohort of the Xylem Partnerships Accelerator run by Xylem Innovation Labs. Innovations from the 2024 cohort include advanced pathogen detection, leak detection materials, and artificial intelligence (AI) that can predict flooding, inspect pipelines, and simplify regulatory compliance reporting. Participants will gather this March for an Accelerator Symposium bringing together Xylem colleagues, customers, and the water innovation ecosystem.

Launched in 2022, the accelerator was created to expedite technologies to address the challenges faced by water utilities, industrial water users, and communities around the world.

Since its inception, the programme has supported 35 companies from 13 countries, including EOMAP, a Germany-based software company that uses satellite data to give customers a holistic picture of water quality across entire watersheds. EOMAP technology layered with Xylem sensor technology uses past, present, and predicted data to monitor water bodies ranging from protected coastal and inland environments to reservoirs. EOMAP is now partnering with Xylem to support customers ranging from oceanic research institutes and environmental protection agencies to national water authorities in the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia.

EOMAP CEO Dr Thomas Heege said, “It provided us with mentorship and opened up countless partnership opportunities. The power of our space-assisted solutions combined with Xylem’s industry leading analytical instrumentation advances how we partner with clients to monitor and improve their approach to understanding aquatic systems.”

The accelerator addresses pain points of technology adoption in the water industry by collaborating with stakeholders. Under the programme, Xylem works with universities, startups, and technology companies to refine, optimise, and scale solutions through mentorship, workshops, and commercial demonstrations.

“The purpose of the accelerator is to solve our customers’ water challenges with solutions that Xylem is positioned to help bring to market,” Xylem Innovation Labs vice-president Sivan Zamir said. “By combining the creativity and agility of emerging tech startups with Xylem’s reach and expertise, the programme is creating [an] ecosystem where sustainable water solutions can flourish.”

(Image: Unsplash)