New wastewater treatment plant approved in Patong, Phuket

The perennial problem of Patong’s brown seawater may soon be dealt with.

The issue slowly grew over years as the levels of phosphorus and nitrogen in the wastewater discharged into the sea varied, slowly transforming the surrounding island water into the brownish colour that it is today.

Plans to both expand the current sewage system and to build a new wastewater treatment centre have been authorized for the Patong municipality in Phuket, Thailand, Department of Local Administration Director-General Jarin Jakkapak affirmed on Saturday, 4th March. Though it is now awaiting approval for environment quality management, if green lit, the cost of building the plant will be included in the province’s 2019 budget.

However, one cause for concern remains – while the financial plans for the project has been approved; the leasing of temple lands have, as yet, not been determined, and resources cannot be allocated until the issue is solved.

As part of the scheme, estates around the Patong municipality will be audited for wastewater systems, and if found to be lacking, would be fully equipped and enabled to join the new plant.

Source: The Phuket News