New screen orders captured by SPIRAC

SPIRAC has won a new order to supply four of its screens to wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in the Midlands, UK.

SPIRAC reported interest for its screen

In the west Midlands, two of SPIRAC BANDGUARD screens are due to be installed at the inlet works of a WWTP.

A dual flow traveling fine screen, SPIRAC BANDGUARD prevents screenings accumulation with a capture rate that reduces maintenance costs in downstream equipment
SPIRAC screens are part of a package that includes grit and biosolids handling equipment, and dewaterers

The high level of screening is achieved by passing sewage through a vertical band-shaped screen curtain. This comprises an assembly of plastic perforated panels, clipped and fastened into stainless steel frames that are fastened to stainless steel conveyor chains to form two endless loops.

Screenings enter the centre of the screen inside of the screen curtain, where solids are retained and transported out of the flow by driving the band, moving the dirty panels from the screening zone to the panel cleansing area.

Robert Gericke, general manager of SPIRAC UK, said: “During a phased install, we ensure that there is no downtime. Demand for our screens, which are designed and manufactured in England for strength and rigidity, is increasing.”

For a water company’s inlet works in the East Midlands, SPIRAC is also supplying two of its FINEGUARD screens. FINEGUARD uses a two-stage panel cleaning process. The first stage includes a self-adjusting rotating brush that removes most of the debris. The second stage uses water jets to prevent screen panels becoming blinded by hair pinning and rag stapling. The fully retractable spray bar allows cleaning if necessary.

Each panel has a replaceable side seal manufactured from wear-resistant ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). To minimise head-loss, the plates incorporate side outlet passages at flow level to allow passage of screened flow.