New pump brings aeration solution to Timothy Taylor’s

Timothy Taylor’s, a family-owned regional brewery in the UK, has upgraded its aeration process by introducing the AirJet system from UK pump supplier Landia, following a five-day survey of its wastewater treatment process.

The initial pumps were not providing enough agitation to keep solids in suspension

The survey, which was conducted by UK wastewater treatment provider, Ogden Water, found that the pumps used for the brewery’s 45m3  balance tank were not providing enough agitation to keep solids in suspension.

Dr David Shepherd, Ogden Water’s managing director said, “Solids had begun to accumulate and the existing pumps were insufficient to fully mix and aerate the balance tank.”

New aeration equipment provided a more consistent homogenous feed to the DAF at Timothy Taylor’s

Nick Berkovits, second brewer at Timothy Taylor’s added: “Its survey showed that an upgrade to aeration equipment would eliminate odours caused by solids not being suspended, and also provide a consistent homogenous feed to our dissolved air flotation (DAF) unit.”

Designed with a venturi nozzle from the chopper pump that Landia invented in 1950, the AirJet aeration system was recommended by Ogden Water.

“We previously used Landia’s pumps and mixers,” said Dr Shepherd, “They are easy to maintain and with a typical lifetime of 15-20 years, are a sound investment for our customers.”

Simultaneously mixing and aerating, the Landia AirJet is a system that introduces air automatically to keep wastewater fresh while economically delivering dissolved oxygen at depths of up to 7.5m, to provide complete aeration.

The upgraded wastewater aeration system at Tmothy Taylor’s

Berkovits added: “Before the installation, the performance of DAF was compromised. We had the time and cost of having to use chemicals to address odours. But now, our wastewater treatment system is operating well.”

Timothy Taylor’s are on target with their upgraded wastewater aeration system