New Parkville Treatment Plant Will Increase Water Output and Quality

Black & Veatch provided design services for Missouri American Water

Black & Veatch designed a new water treatment plant near Parkville, Mo., for Missouri American Water that will increase needed supplies while improving water quality. The new plant is designed to meet ongoing population growth in the Parkville region and is located in the Kansas City Metro area.

Plant construction began in December on a greenfield site about one mile west of Parkville. The plant will deliver an initial capacity of 5 million gallons per day (MGD) and is expandable to 10 MGD to meet increasing customer growth. It replaces a water treatment plant located in a downtown section of the city. In addition to design work, Black & Veatch is providing construction oversight services for the project.

“Missouri American Water is making this investment in Parkville to replace our 75-year-old facility with a new water plant to better serve our Platte County customers with reliable water supplies for years to come,” said Cheryl Norton, President of Missouri American Water.

To improve water quality, the new plant’s treatment system will include several advanced technology processes such as lime softening, filtration and disinfection. A carbon dioxide system will provide a safe and effective process for treating raw water alkalinity. The plant is being supplied with groundwater from existing alluvial wells near the Missouri River.

The project includes a mile-long raw water transmission pipeline from the wells to the plant site. There will also be a mile-long treated water pipeline that connects to the Platte County Service Area distribution system.

“There is strong collaboration between Missouri American Water, Parkville city officials and state regulators in working to deliver this important water project,” said Tom Ratzki, Vice President in Black & Veatch’s water business. “The site of the new plant presented unique design challenges due to the project’s small footprint in a heavily wooded area with an extensively rocked subsurface.”

The Parkville Water District plant is scheduled to be in operation by January 2018 and serves approximately 16,000 customers.