New Linko cloud service for streamlining FOG management & compliance

Aquatic Informatics launches a new web-based version of Linko to automate cumbersome tasks and ensure compliance for the management of fats, oils, and grease (FOG). Eric Dorgelo, Chief Technology Officer for Aquatic Informatics, said, “This new platform gives customers a proven FOG data management solution, with all the benefits of cloud-based software, making it easy to work from anywhere. It’s simple to use and uniform across any connected device; data integrity is maintained with the latest security and it’s more scalable so we can efficiently act on customer feedback with behind-the-scenes updates which is extremely valuable in an industry with ongoing changes in customer needs and regulations.”

Centralised data fosters compliance
Linko has been helping compliance inspectors and programme managers to easily utilize their data before, during, and after facility visits, for over 20 years. Linko ensures regulatory requirements are met and tracks Food Service Establishments (FSEs) compliance giving programme administrators clear visibility into a city’s FOG programme and centralised access to FSE details like compliance history and cleaning schedules. Linko’s new solution automatically determines non-compliance by analysing inspection results and other data to prioritise facilities that require the most attention.

Automation Enables Proactive FOG Programmes 
Linko automates time-consuming tasks including scheduling, data entry, and violation notifications, freeing up inspectors to focus on high risk areas before they become a problem. Customizable intelligent inspection forms perform calculations and even assess a facilities risk to ensure nothing gets missed during an inspection. Email features make it simple to share inspection forms and results with FSEs, improving transparency and relations with establishments by giving them accurate actionable data.

Linko’s new SaaS solution offers a simple, scalable model designed to empower organisations to quickly set up a FOG programme or easily extend existing programme capabilities.