New Landia pumps continue to provide long-term solutions in Ireland

Landia has won a series of new orders in the municipal wastewater industry, including the supply of 16 Axial pumps to a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in Ireland.

Landia is winning more water company and contractor orders for its pumps and mixers

Specified in acid-proof stainless steel to protect against corrosion in a coastal environment, the 16 Landia pumps were chosen for their capability in a demanding high-volume, low-pressure application.

Landia has also gained an order with Scottish Water to provide four new pumps for one of the water company’s main facilities that produces biogas from sludge. The pumps are part of a digester mixing system, which has reportedly no moving parts inside the tank, so maintenance is made much easier with no costly emptying of the vessel required.

In addition, in the north of England, Landia has won an order for its chopper pumps at a sewage treatment facility that was having problems with its existing units — made by a different manufacturer, that were continually blocking.

Paul Davies, key account manager of Landia, said, “For performance and total cost of ownership, we are pleased to see more water companies and contractors identifying the many benefits of our pumps and mixers. They do get stuck in with difficult, hard-to-handle applications, where solids can cause major headaches for less robust equipment.”