New gauge measures liquid level in tanks

The new Ashcroft® TC tank level gauge provides liquid level measurement for any shape vented storage tank or vessel. The analog dial is scaled exactly to customer requirements, while the 160 mm (6 in.) size provides for easy reading. Indication is separated by an integral capillary line, up to 90 feet (27 metres) facilitating the remote mounting of the seal housing. Choice of 316 SS fittings and mounting configurations allow for either external or internal (submerged) installation. The model TC does not require power; an ideal primary indicator or back-up for electronic devices.

Key features

  • Suitable for symmetrical or asymmetrical vented tanks
  • Self-powered design
  • Large selection of mounting options
  • Remote mounting to lengths of 90 feet


  • Accuracy: ±1.6% of span
  • Size: 160mm
  • Pressure Ranges: 60 in. H20 to 360 in. H20
  • Capillary Line: Choice of armored or PVC-coated
  • Process Connections: NPT / BSP