New De Nora webinar highlights ozone application

De Nora has announced a new three-part webinar series on Ozone generation for water and wastewater treatment. Ozone generation is an effective and growing option for water and wastewater treatment. It has been used for many years to tackle applications including taste and odour, colour, THM & HAAs, iron and manganese and cyanobacteria (blue green algae) mitigation. De Nora has been providing ozone generators for municipal water treatment and advanced oxidation process (AOP) since the 1970s.

Ozone water treatment is also a reliable technology to address the rising concerns around contaminants of emerging concern, particularly pharmaceutical micropollutants, mycotoxins, and 1,4 dioxane.

In the first 45-minute webinar of the series, attendees will learn about ozone generation, why it’s so effective for traditional and new applications, how it compares to other wastewater and drinking water treatment options and what operators can do to build resiliency into their treatment works in the face of unplanned environmental disasters. The webinar will look at case studies and discuss real-world applications.

During the webinar, participants will:

  • Hear how ozone is being used effectively in municipal drinking and wastewater treatment plants for a range of water treatment
  • Ensure regulatory compliance around contaminants of emerging concern: learn what are they, how they are regulated, and how ozone can be part of the solution
  • Learn how combining ozone and biologically active filtration can treat constituents of emerging concern and unwanted disinfection by-products
  • Review the pros and cons of ozone treatment and consider how ozone compares to other technologies
  • Ensure existing ozone treatment systems are operating at maximum effectiveness, understanding the impact of an effective maintenance program.
  • Build resiliency into operations
  • Hear about how ozone generation addressed real treatment concerns with user case study discussions