New corrosion inhibitor for hydrotesting drinking water systems

Cortec, a corrosion solutions company, has announced its new corrosion inhibitor for hydrostatic testing (hydrotesting) is certified to meet ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for use in hydrotesting of drinking water system components. This provides opportunities for those who fabricate, install, or service drinking water system components held to stringent safety requirements.

Cortec’s new corrosion inhibitor for hydrotesting

VpCI-649 HP is a specialty concentrated liquid formulation that contains contact and vapour phase corrosion inhibitors, along with a hard water stabiliser and an organic dispersing agent. It protects against corrosion at dosages as low as 0.3% by weight. It also has low chloride impact — less than 0.6ppm at 0.3% dosage — for use in systems with tight chloride restrictions.

As VpCI-649 HP circulates throughout the system, it leaves behind a protective molecular layer on all metal surfaces. After the water treated with VpCI-649 HP has been drained, residual protection continues on components made of steel, copper, galvanised steel, or aluminium.

Hydrotesting drinking water system components

VpCI-649 HP is intended for corrosion protection during hydrotesting. This is a critical practice used in many industries to ensure vessels, piping, and tanks do not leak and can withstand pressure specifications. The unfortunate side effect is that moisture can incite corrosion during and after hydrotesting, leading to further problems during the lifetime of the new components. Previously, many industries found standard VpCI-649 to be a source of corrosion protection during this sensitive phase. However, its use was limited to equipment that would not be exposed to drinking water. With the development of VpCI-649 HP and its certification to meet ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for use in treatment of drinking water system components, the opportunities for corrosion protection during hydrotesting of pumps, valves, piping, fittings, and tanks used to carry potable water expanded.

The hydrotesting of pumps, valves, piping, fittings, and tanks used to carry potable water

Beyond hydrotesting

The safety of VpCI-649 HP for treating components that will be used with drinking water systems also carries implications for use in the dry layup of closed loops and cooling water systems in the food and beverage (F&B) industry. It can be added to either fresh water or glycol coolants, circulated, and drained for equipment preservation. The dry layup of fire extinguishing systems with VpCI-649 HP serve as an alternative to nitrogen purge and compressed air.