Nanostone Water and Maynilad launch the Laguna Lake Modular Treatment Plant in the Philippines

Water treatment solutions company Nanostone Water (NSW) and Philippines largest private water concessionaire Maynilad Water Services (Maynilad) are commissioning the Laguna Lake Modular Treatment Plant (LL ModTP), located in Muntinlupa city, Philippines.

This first project to use NSW pressurised ceramic ultrafiltration (UF) membranes in the country is set to commence operations in March 2024, addressing the critical water needs in the southern portion of Maynilad’s concession that is served with water sourced from Laguna lake.

The commissioning of LL ModTP highlights the impact of innovation and partnerships in resolving critical water concerns (Image: NSW)

The variable quality of Laguna lake’s water, marked by algal blooms and fluctuations in organic and inorganic matter, has tested the limits of Maynilad’s existing treatment facilities. The LL ModTP designed to treat 20 million litres per day (MLD) of raw water from Laguna lake, ensures water is supplied to over 50,000 customers in the surrounding areas.

By leveraging on NSW pressurised ceramic UF membranes, the plant occupies a mere 750m2, eliminating space-consuming treatment steps required by conventional treatment plants of equivalent output which occupy 50% more space.

The plant represents a reduction in environmental impact due to its compact design and 15-year lifespan of ceramic UF membranes, which treats challenging water in a compact footprint while eliminating the need for extensive pretreatment processes, such as dissolved air flotation (DAF), clarification, or media filtration.

As the membrane is coated with NSW formulation which acts as an absolute barrier to pathogens and suspended particles, water with turbidity less than 0.1 Nephelometric Turbidity unit (NTU) is produced on a consistent basis. This prevents fibre breakage issues that plague polymeric UF offerings, ensuring continuous long-term supply of potable water.

“The deployment of the LL ModTP is a milestone in addressing the variable water quality of Laguna lake, which became a pressing issue for Maynilad,” said Ronaldo Padua, head of Maynilad’s water supply operations. “This new facility leverages on new treatment technology has potential for broader application within Maynilad’s water treatment infrastructure and beyond.”

“In the face of escalating water scarcity and pollution, in sprawling urban and industrial areas, Nanostone is committed to tackling ‘challenging water’ and ‘minimal space’ head-on, enabling future-proof municipal and industrial water availability,” said NSW CEO Jürgen von Hollen. “The Laguna lake region exemplifies the vicious cycle where urban expansion, water scarcity, and quality intensify each other’s challenges.”

He added that this is seen in large urban centres globally, and it motivates the Nanostone team to work with clients like Maynilad to disrupt this cycle with advanced water technology and solutions. “[This] ensure sustainable longevity in urban centres caught in a ‘challenging water’ and ‘minimal space’ crunch,” the CEO said.