Murphy chooses Landia sludge digester mixing system for new Yorkshire Water energy facility

As part of its contract for Yorkshire Water’s major new energy and recycling facility at Brighouse near Huddersfield, J Murphy & Sons Ltd has chosen Landia’s GasMix mixing system for the site’s anaerobic digesters.

Externally-mounted, with no moving parts inside the digester, Landia’s GasMix will be installed on 7,000m3 capacity cast-in-situ concrete digesters containing thickened sewage sludge of up to eight per cent dry solids (DS).

Benefitting from the Landia chopper pump, which together with venturi nozzles ensures that the whole of the digester is mixed, each GasMix system is low on energy consumption, low on maintenance – and reduces health and safety issues such as working from height.

The new facility in Brighouse is central to Yorkshire Water’s commitment to renewable energy investment, complementing the self-delivery capabilities, specialist ground engineering, plant and process engineering expertise that Murphy can deliver.

A spokesperson for Yorkshire Water commented, “We are extremely excited about the building of the new facility at Brighouse. Helping the environment is one of our five big goals – and projects like this will go a long way in helping us become net zero carbon by 2030”.

In addition to the digesters at Brighouse, Murphy are also providing Yorkshire Water with a new sludge reception plant, sludge thickening plant and storage, CHP and dual fuel boilers, sludge dewatering and lime treatment, cake storage and a new liquor treatment plant.

This all comes at a key phase for the UK water industry that is looking to optimise the use of its sludge via anaerobic digestion/biogas. 

For Landia, this latest order for its water industry AD/sludge equipment follows its successful GasMix and chopper pump installations at Nigg for Scottish Water, with MWH Treatment at Severn Trent’s Minworth plant, and at Bellozanne STW in Jersey.