Mumbai’s largest fertiliser complex replaced previous UF treatment system with inge® In-to-Out ultrafiltration membranes

By operating its own water reclamation plant, Mumbai’s largest fertiliser complex helps the water-stressed city through recycling local sewage instead of adding extra demands on Mumbai’s limited supplies of fresh water.

Before the membranes were replaces, the fertiliser complex’s previous UF treatment system was based on Out-to-In technology and PVDF membranes which resulted in excessive air agitation during backwashing and cleaning, causing the membrane fibres to eventually begin to break apart.

As the membrane fibers was rupturing more and more frequently, the downstream RO unit started to face a multitude of problems, including the need for more frequent cleaning and long downtimes.

The existing membranes and racks were in very poor conditions so while it was advisable to replace them with new membranes and racks, the challenge was retaining as much hardware as possible from the existing plant (pumps, valves, etc.). The plant operators had also requested a seamless changeover with minimum downtime as the fertiliser complex was in operation.

inge®’s local partner Epitome successfully installed and commissioned the new UF racks in record time. The new UF treatment system consists of a T-Rack® 3.0 configuration based on 2 x 22 dizzer® 0.9 MB 70 WT modules, each fitted with inge®’s highly robust, patented Multibore® fibers. This configuration yields around 200 m³/h of filtrate.

The client is impressed Epitome’s work and inge®’s products and were full of praises for the service provided. The plant no longer leaks and see great improvements in the filtrate water quality.