Mueller Systems’ AMI network allows Pace Water System to improve water infrastructure management

After starting the installation of the Mi.Net® system, Mueller Systems’ advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network, Pace Water System, Inc. is already improving its customer service and operating more efficiently. The utility will continue to employ the system across the entirety of its service area.

Pace Water System, which serves one of the fastest-growing regions in Florida, United States (US), providing water to more than 53,000 residents, examined and evaluated numerous AMI technologies and finally picked out the Mi.Net system due to its user-friendly software interface, reliability, and system support capabilities provided through Mueller Systems’ Network Operations Centre.

The Mi.Net system offers real-time data on system performance and customer usage, and providing the utility with the tools it will need to better manage staffing resources and improve customer service by pinpointing incipient issues before they grow. Pace Water System will also install more than 1,000 of Mueller Systems’ 420 Remote Disconnect Meters (RDMs), which will allow the utility to manage water services remotely, rather than at the point of service. The two-way Mi.Net AMI system will link control devices, leak detection sensors, and meters, transforming them into an efficient and effective wireless network. With the advanced RDMs, Pace Water System will be able to lower the number of utility truck rolls and improve customer service for the large population of residents in their service area.

“Mueller Systems’ AMI system and remote disconnect meters are proving to be tremendous assets in helping us manage out water system more efficiently and better serve our customers,” general manager of Pace Water System, Damon Boutwell, said. “We’re able to automate routine tasks, such as meter reading, allowing our staff to focus on more critical issues, including fixing leads.”

“Pace Water System is committed to providing the highest level of service to its customers, and we are proud to be their long-term technology partner,” Vice President and general manager of Mueller Systems, Hassan Ali, said. “Our goal is to help utilities implement smart water solutions with confidence by giving them a flexible technology platform, advanced measurement and control devices, and the client support services they need to make data-driven decisions for managing their water systems.”