Mueller delivers network-as-a-service solution with cellular endpoint

Mueller Systems has announced the launch of the newest addition to the Mi.Net Advanced Metre Infrastructure (AMI) system: the Mueller Cellular Node. This network-as-a-service (NaaS) endpoint solution is designed for water network agility, enabling utilities to connect meters to their AMI network in specific areas or across the entire distribution system by leveraging existing cellular infrastructure, thus eliminating the need for maintenance.

The Mueller Cellular Node communicates with encoded water meters, including meters that are already in operation. Like other Mueller nodes, the Cellular Node sends near real-time consumption data directly to the scalable Sentryx Water Intelligence Platform which provides utilities with a holistic view and insights into the health of their distribution systems such as pressure, flow, water consumption patterns, leak, and temperature data.

Water utilities can easily add more water meter data points to the Sentryx metering module without having to reconfigure the entire platform architecture, providing a true network in-a-box solution for water systems of any size.

Other NaaS solutions available in Mueller Systems’ portfolio include the LoRaWAN Node and Mi.Node which complement the Cellular Node to provide water utilities flexibility beyond just connectivity.