Mueller debuts smarter hydrant

Mueller Water Products, Inc., will soon debut a “smarter” hydrant. The new hydrant not only provides life-saving fire protection but monitors pressure and detects leaks in the water distribution system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Jones® J-4038 and J-3038 wet barrel fire hydrants can be equipped with a Hydro-Guard® pressure monitoring sensor installed in the dome top and an Echologics® distribution leak detection (DX) node as the nozzle cap.

The Hydro-Guard sensor monitors system pressure and can alert personnel via cellular communications if a spike occurs within minutes. Data is logged for analysis and can be stored up to two years on a secure web server. The Echologics node uses proprietary acoustic sensors to find leaks on a variety of pipe materials and water distribution mains. The node is pre-assembled and consists of an acoustic sensor, analysis software, network hardware, batteries and an antenna.

The smarter hydrant enables utilities to use existing hydrant assets as a hub for communication and technology deployment. Not only can the new Jones hydrants be purchased with these “smarter” features, but any existing wet barrel fire hydrant with a dome top can be converted to detect pressure and leaks in the distribution system.