Moleaer™ Secures Over $6 Million Investment led by Energy Innovation Capital

Moleaer, the leading manufacturer of industrial-scale Nanobubble Generators for water and wastewater treatment, agriculture irrigation, and oil-water separation, today announced the Company has raised over $6 million in funding led by San
Francisco- and Houston-based Energy Innovation Capital (EIC), the premier capital provider to
energy innovators.

Moleaer’s Nanobubble Generators provide unprecedented gas transfer and flotation capabilities for use in a wide variety of applications. By increasing gas transfer rates or by improving solids separation from water, wastewater and produced water, Moleaer provides customers with the opportunity to dramatically lower the cost and improve the performance of their water treatment, agriculture production, or industrial processes. The Company has already proven that nanobubbles can reduce energy costs at wastewater treatment plants by 40-to-80% and can
increase crop yields by 25-to-50%.

“In just one year of commercial activity, Moleaer has repeatedly demonstrated the value of nanobubbles and its Nanobubble Generators through the 75 systems we have installed in wastewater treatment, crop production, and oil-water separation facilities,” said Nick Dyner,
CEO of Moleaer. “With this new funding, and through the support of EIC and their expertise in energy and water markets, we will continue to expand our product line to meet our customers’ needs, venture into new applications where the unique properties of nanobubbles create
significant customer value and develop global sales channels.”

“Energy Innovation Capital is excited to work with Moleaer to support the commercial expansion of its XTBTM and nanoBoostTM Nanobubble Generators, novel technology which will help to solve the world’s global water challenges,” said Kevin Skillern, Managing Partner, EIC.

“EIC’s strategic relationships will support commercial activity in oil & gas, metals separation and other industrial applications where nanobubble technology can be transformational,” Skillern added. In addition to securing this new funding, Moleaer has announced that Kevin Skillern has
joined the Company’s Board of Directors.