Milwaukee Water Week: Menomonee River turned into safe drinking water

Developing innovative ways to transform wastewater, river water, and agricultural waste into safe, potable water is vital to many, now that accessibility to safe water is a global issue. Against this backdrop, co-inventors from CORNCOB Inc., one of the participants in The Water Council’s BREW Accelerator, have unveiled their groundbreaking technology that has the potential to confront this global problem. Company officials displayed its state-of-the-art membrane filtration system during a technology demonstration recently at the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District by producing safe drinking water from the samples taken from the Menomonee River as well as other wastewater sources found nearby.

CORNCOB’s technology only needs a portion of the energy and cost of traditional water treatment methods, and can be applied broadly, including on industrial, commercial, municipal, and residential levels. During the showcase, the machine, affectionately named “Alfie”, successfully transformed the Menomonee River samples into clean, safe drinking water. Recently, the company had also embarked on a tour of the country, cleaning water from a variety of sources, including agricultural wastewater and fracking water.

“We wanted to demonstrate the power of our technology and the large-scale implications it has for the future of water, President and co-inventor of CORNCOB, Douglas Hwang, said. “By partnering with The Water Council during Milwaukee Water Week, we highlighted the other investments the city and other companies are making to solve the world’s most pressing water crisis.”

Vice-president of Business Development at The Water Council, Karen Frost, added: “CORNCOB’s technology can revolutionise global water drinking creation, which could have an enormous impact on areas struggling to find sufficient clean water sources. The company’s ongoing progress, both through the BREW and on its own, demonstrates its potential to expand beyond Milwaukee and deliver solutions to a world in need.”

The radical technology has been reaping attention from investors around the world, including E.L. Industries and its Chinese distributor. Having journeyed to Milwaukee, representatives from both companies attended the showcase, and have high hopes of bringing CORNCOB’s technology to their global consumers to use in a broad range of applications.

“We became interested in CORNCOB’s technology because of the one-step process that would save our customers energy and money,” Managing Director of E.L. Industries International, Daniel Bodendorfer, said. “We are confident there is great potential for this technology to be successful in China and other markets as the world seeks new and better ways of making drinking water.”