BIO-CEL® EASY has been launched by global membrane manufacturer MICRODYN-NADIR, the Membrane Solutions segment of MANN+HUMMEL. Equipped with membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology, BIO-CEL® EASY is a packaged, standalone wastewater treatment module and the easiest plug-and-play MBR experience in the market. 

“Airports, hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, and other similarly-sized establishments need a simple and efficient way to treat wastewater generated at their locations, and BIO-CEL® EASY provides that for them. It is made with cutting-edge technology and ensures excellent performance – and it’s extremely easy to use and install!” said Julian Klein, Global Product Manager for MBR at MICRODYN-NADIR.

BIO-CEL® EASY modules are a combination of ultrafiltration membrane sheets and a robust AISI 304 stainless steel frame. The modules offer easy assembly and installation; fast and simple design; and flexible configurations, which saves on installation costs, engineering hours, and investment costs. Each module can treat up to 24 m³/d for municipal applications and 12 m³/d for industrial applications.

As an added benefit, the module fits perfectly in the optional filtration tank: BIO-CEL® EASY TANK. The module and tank design makes it easy to design, assemble, connect, move, and expand, depending on the wastewater treatment needs of the facility. 

“BIO-CEL® EASY has been designed to give everyone access to a user-friendly system that makes it possible to recover every single drop of water. That’s why the modules can be installed and used by anyone who cares about water recovery, even small quantities,” said Marco Nava, VP Membrane Solutions.

BIO-CEL® EASY modules are the most recent addition to the BIO-CEL® MBR line, which also includes the innovative BIO-CEL® L-2 modules for larger wastewater treatment projects. BIO-CEL® EASY was designed to be as its name says: Easy. It is a small but mighty module ideal for small to medium-sized projects.