MentorAPM selected to provide EAM for city of Santa Monica plant upgrades

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MentorAPM has been selected to provide an enterprise asset management (EAM) system for the city of Santa Monica’s water resources division and the sustainable water supply programme. The asset management software company, which has been assisting in water and wastewater utility solutions since 2017, will be supporting the city’s mission for water self-sufficiency by 2023.

Included in the US$200 million “One Water” initiative, MentorAPM is expected to deliver a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) and asset performance management (APM) to optimise plant performance and extend asset availability across new and existing infrastructure.

“When the city embarked on its goal to be water self-sufficient just over 10 years ago, many questioned if the goal was attainable,” said Sunny Wang, water resources manager at the city of Santa Monica. “Since then, we are now one year away in making that a reality to increase Santa Monica’s local water supply to over 90% and reduce our reliance on imported water from 40% currently to less than 10%. Our target is within reach, and we are confident with MentorAPM’s help modernising our maintenance and operations, the new Sustainable Water Infrastructure Project (SWIP) and plant upgrades at the Arcadia Water Treatment Plant will get us across the finish line in 2023. We look forward to demonstrating the critical role water technology and innovation, including advanced asset performance and condition monitoring, is going to play in the future of water.”

MentorAPM’s software integrates with water and wastewater utilities’ geographic information systems (GIS) to enable the field management of infrastructure functions and maintenance, allowing the platform to manage both horizontal and vertical assets. The city aims to collect and analyse critical asset data across the entire treatment and distribution infrastructure, which is stretched across 8 square miles, through the MentorAPM 3.0 platform’s mobile capabilities. Asset maintenance and performance management are expected to be prioritised by risk, which will likely maximise efficiency, safety and reliability.

Wang added, “Before MentorAPM, our asset data was fragmented and siloed between different teams which were not being used effectively. We will now have all the functionality needed to manage these high-profile projects and costly assets under one umbrella designed specifically for utilities seeking more sustainable operations — keeping us aligned with the basic principles of the ‘One Water’ initiative.”

SWIP, the city’s $96m stormwater harvesting and portable reuse facility, will be coming online by the end of 2022. The $72m Olympic well field restoration and Arcadia Water Treatment Plant expansion project are currently underway and slated for completion around mid to end 2023. Once completed, the overall treatment capacity at the Arcadia Water Treatment Plant will increase from approximately 10 million gallons per day (MGD) to 13 MGD, servicing more than 93,000 Santa Monica residents and 2,700 commercial customers.