MentorAPM selected to provide CMMS for Alexandria Renew Enterprises

Asset management software solutions provider MentorAPM has been selected to implement a computerised maintenance management solution (CMMS) for Alexandria Renew Enterprises (AlexRenew), Virginia’s wastewater treatment provider. Continuing on its 70-year-old mission to protect public health and the environment, AlexRenew will utilise the MentorAPM work and asset performance management suite to optimise its infrastructure investments, increase productivity and enhance its ability to manage existing assets and maintenance through improved processes.

The MentorAPM work and asset performance management suite is a cloud-based CMMS with a catalogue of master asset types and asset strategy libraries that help expedite system configuration and management programmes for rapid time to value. It provides field operators with real-time insight and a holistic understanding of system assets, integrating data from both vertical and geographic information system geographic information system (GIS)-based horizontal assets seamlessly into a single platform.

“We are currently tracking approximately 100 maintenance management processes,” said David Roberts, CTO of AlexRenew. “By partnering with MentorAPM, we expect to increase that number and improve our data quality. We look forward to transforming our operations and the opportunity to begin foreseeing issues before they become problems.”

The contract with AlexRenew, which has an initial term of five years, includes a complete lifecycle of services. Following success on other collaborative projects with MentorAPM, US engineering company CDM Smith will provide support services throughout the duration of the project to maximise asset management outcomes. 

“We partnered with MentorAPM because it can enhance our clients’ asset management capabilities, and we are honoured to continue working on the AlexRenew project team,” said John Helwig, asset management specialist at CDM Smith.  

MentorAPM enables better asset management set on an ISO 55000 foundation of value-based, risk-based and evidence-based decision support. Specific outcomes typically include improved efficiency, reduced maintenance budgets, optimised resource allocation and capital planning, risk assessment and mitigation, and improved asset lifecycle management.

AlexRenew is a public regional wastewater treatment provider that cleans approximately 38 million gallons of wastewater per day and serves more than 300,000 customers in the City of Alexandria and parts of Fairfax County. It owns approximately $1bn in total assets, including four pump stations, two service chambers, four intercepting sewers, four combined sewer outfalls and a water resource recovery facility.

This contract announcement came on the heels of the announcement of a similar MentorAPM project in Santa Monica, California.

Tacoma Zach, co-founder and CEO of MentorAPM

“We are honoured to be working with forward thinking agencies like AlexRenew and Santa Monica, to support their asset management objectives and transform their asset operations,” said Tacoma Zach, CEO of MentorAPM.