Memsift receives 37.2m rupee contract to build resource recovery plant in India

Memsift will provide its TS-30 improved membrane distillation system for the resource recovery plant in India

Singapore-based industrial liquid-waste treatment company Memsift Innovations has received a contract from India to build a resource recovery plant for the manmade fibres (MMF) industry using its improved membrane distillation technology, the TS-30. The plant will be commissioned in the third quarter of 2023 at the state of Gujarat in India.

The technologies from Memsift recovers more than 98% of water and up to 100% chemicals from industrial liquid-waste streams with a benefit of lower carbon footprint compared to the currently available best technologies. The “no chemicals, no steam” project may achieve a negative carbon footprint by considering the manufacturing carbon footprint of the chemicals to be recovered in this project. The estimated emission reduction will be about 1.47 million kg of CO2 every year, which is equal to 3,356 barrels of fossil fuel. About 67% of the emission reduction is due to the direct energy savings compared to the current method in place and the remaining 33% emission reductions comes from the tons of chemicals to be recovered. Typically, it takes a mini forest of approximately more than 58,000 trees to absorb the same amount of carbon from the atmosphere over a period of one year.

Dr J Antony Prince, founder and CEO of Memsift Innovations, said, “This project is a key stepping stone for the full-scale commercialisation of Membrane Distillation technology for real-world applications. Memsift will continuously focus on the key industrial verticals (Pharma, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Mining and Metal finishing) to achieve resource circularity by closing the liquid-waste loop and play our part in decarbonizing these industries.”

With the growing demand for resource circularity and the challenges in handling toxic industrial liquid-waste due to the emerging stringent global legislation and heightened corporate environmental consciousness, Memsift has opened its first round of fundraising to capture the emerging green circular market. Memsift is seeking to accelerate its growth to build its first full scale membrane manufacturing and engineering hub to scale larger industrial production of its patented membranes and the modules, expand market share by opening oversea sales and aftermarket service offices and strengthen its organisation capabilities.