Memsift Innovations wins Frost & Sullivan’s ‘2023 Entrepreneurial Company of the Year’ award

Singapore-based membrane technology solutions provider Memsift Innovations has received the ‘2023 Entrepreneurial Company of the Year’ award by Frost & Sullivan, a US growth partnership company. After an evaluation of various companies operating in the global zero liquid discharge (ZLD) system industry, the accolade recognised Memsift Innovations as the best-in-class company in it with its entrepreneurial spirit, technological innovation, and growth in the field of sustainable water treatment solutions, according to the team.

‘Best practices award’ crystal plaque (Image: Frost & Sullivan)

The ‘Entrepreneurial Company of the Year’ award was said to be given to companies that exhibit innovation, demonstrate an understanding of market needs, and have developed strategies to address industry challenges. Memsift Innovations has demonstrated qualities through its advancements in ZLD systems recognised by experts and customers.

Dr J Antony Prince, Memsift Innovations CEO said, “This recognition reflects our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and delivering membrane technology solutions to our clients.”

“Frost & Sullivan recognises that Memsift Innovations is a disruptive leader in the ZLD systems market, capitalising on development prospects and prompting stiff barriers for existing competitors and new market entrants,” said Iqra Azam, best practices research analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

With an increasing global focus on sustainable practices and water conservation, Memsift Innovations is offering solutions that help companies achieve their environmental goals while ensuring operational efficiency.