Memsift Innovations secures first commercial EPC contract to treat 730 m3/year industrial liquid waste

Singapore-based startup Memsift has bagged its first commercial Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract – this contract will allow the company to design and develop and 730m3/year TS-30™ Minimum Liquid Discharge (MLD) system to treat industrial liquid waste for a client in Malaysia. In addition, the project will help their client to save 90 per cent of the disposal cost.

Early this year, Memsift conducted a case study together with its client using their waste effluent and has proved that the TS-30™ system reduces the liquid waste volume by 90 per cent, and the treated water meets their client’s requirements. According to Dr J Anthony Prince, founder of Memsift Innovations, this positive outcome was what led to Memsift securing the project.

The assembled highly hydrophobic hollow fibre membrane modules in a TS-30™ Minimum Liquid Discharge (MLD) system

Memsift’s TS-30™ MLD system is based on a patent-pending thermal membrane process that operates at relatively low temperature and pressure compared to the conventional thermal and pressure driven membrane process. Memsift uses a unique hydrophobic hollow fibre membrane in the system that allows water in vapour form but not in liquid form. Hence, all the non-volatile inorganic salts and particles will remain in the waste effluent and only clean water will be recovered through the membrane. This reduces the volume of waste effluent produced.

“We believe that this project will help us to get commercial traction for our brine treatment and zero liquid discharge solutions from the regional and the global market. We are planning to serve our customers through Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) and Build Own Operate (BOO) business models in the future,” explained Dr Prince.