Memsift Innovations partners with Parry Enterprises, a Murugappa group company, for membrane manufacturing

Singapore-based membrane technology solutions provider Memsift Innovations has announced its partnership with Parry Enterprises, a company under the Indian conglomerate Murugappa group. This collaboration aims to revolutionise the membrane manufacturing and the water industry by leveraging its expertise and Parry Enterprises’ resources and market presence.

Both will jointly establish a membrane manufacturing facility capable of producing up to 1,200,000m2 of quality membranes per year which is about 2000 industrial scale membrane modules per month. This manufacturing capacity increase will cater to the demand for Memsift technologies across industries such as chemical, pump and paper, pharmaceuticals, semiconductor, microelectronic and F&B. It also meets the demand for membranes in the Indian water treatment sector, enabling the provision of clean and safe water to communities across the country. The partnership will drive advancements in filtration and separation technology, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Memsift Innovations CEO Dr J Antony Prince said, “This collaboration allows us to leverage Parry Enterprises’ manufacturing expertise, enabling us to expand our reach and deliver our advanced membrane technology to a wider customer base.”

Memsift Innovations CEO exchanging documents with Parry Enterprises chairman in the presence of PEIL business head Rashmi Mohapatra in Chennai, India  

As part of the agreement, Parry Enterprises will provide manufacturing infrastructure and logistical support, while Memsift Innovations will share its membrane manufacturing know-how and technologies.   

Dr Prince with Parry Enterprises business head