Memsift announces strategic partnership with CSRE to establish business in China

Memsift Innovations Pte Ltd and Beijing China Science Resources and Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. (CSRE) has entered into a strategic partnership in which they will combine their expertise and technologies in order to provide a superior solution for industrial liquid-waste volume reduction, brine treatment, zero liquid discharge and resource recovery in China. 

Memsift’s thermal separation process and membranes are based on innovative patented technologies that provide unique benefits over traditional brine treatment and zero liquid discharge solutions. Memsift’s TS-30TM system uses an innovative thermodynamic principle based thermal separation process and a proprietary membrane STOMATE® that brings down the industrial effluents treatment cost significantly. Similarly, CSRE is the leader in flat sheet-based membrane distillation technologies and providing solutions for various industry sectors in China. Memsift’s technologies could compliment to the CSRE’s technologies by expanding its applications in many industry sectors like radioactive effluents and Chinese medicine. 

The partnership also includes a close commercial collaboration between the companies, optimising commercial synergies and making use of the complementary geographical presence and client bases in China and the region. In addition, the partnership will allow the companies to conduct joint pilot and commercial projects in China. 

Dr J Antony Prince, Founder & CEO, Memsift Innovations said, ‘China is one of the biggest markets for our products in the region. Through this strategic partnership, Memsift will be able to access the tremendous market with our cutting-edge technologies. It really combines the best of both worlds and to help our clients with advanced brine treatment and zero liquid discharge solutions. We are very excited about the opportunity to work with CSRE and the important commercial opportunities it presents to our companies’. 

Dr Gao Yonggang, Technical Director, CSRE said, ‘CSRE has successfully commercialised plate-frame membrane distillation technology in various applications and completed several engineering projects in China. Through this strategic partnership we will be able to bring and commercialise the innovative hollow fibre membrane based membrane distillation technologies to our clients with a larger and better product offering, and provide more optional membrane distillation technologies for different applications, different types of waste water, and different requirements from potential clients in China.