Memsift and Angstroms join forces to recover lithium from Korean secondary cell industries

Singapore-based Memsift Innovations and Korea’s Angstroms partner to recover lithium from Korea’s secondary cell industrial liquid-wastes, including effluents from lithium-ion battery recycling facilities. This new agreement marks a next phase since their partnership in 2021, empowering Angstroms to recover energy transition metals from unconventional sources in Korea through multiple projects.

Memsift’s membrane distillation process and membranes are said to offer advantages over conventional brine treatment and zero liquid discharge (ZLD) solutions. The TS-30 system employs a unique thermodynamic principle for thermal separation, reducing industrial effluent treatment costs. Additionally, the advanced GOSEP nanofiltration (NF) membranes excel in separating monovalent ions like lithium chloride from multivalent ions, even in highly acidic conditions.

From left: Kim Baekahm, CEO, Angstroms and Dr J. Antony Prince, CEO, Memsift Innovations (Image: Memsift Innovations)

According to Angstroms CEO Kim Baekahm, the company is a player in the Korean market, specialising in membrane separation technologies for industrial effluent treatment and resource recovery too. Recognising the advantages of Memsift’s products over traditional methods, Angstroms’ initial studies have indicated these technologies could be applied in recovering lithium and other energy transition materials from unconventional sources.

“In South Korea, which is leading the secondary cell industry, the demand for lithium is expected to increase dramatically. This recovery and concentration technology will play a significant role in the growth of our company,” he said.

“This agreement will enable us to conduct pilot and commercial trials at our customer sites, allowing them to experience these technologies firsthand. This partnership with Memsift will strengthen our position in the Korean market for industrial liquid-waste treatment and resource recovery.”

Founder and CEO of Memsift Innovations Dr J. Antony Prince added, “This agreement allows us to expand our technology applications to recover energy transition materials from unconventional sources, fostering a more sustainable future. We are eager to collaborate with Angstroms on this promising venture in Korea.”