Membran-Filtrations-Technik (MFT) Wins Contract to Treat Compost Water

Project Employs MFT’s Patented CD 140 High Pressure Circular Disk Modules

Membran-Filtrations-Technik (MFT), an Aquarion Group company, has been awarded a contract by TERSAN Puglia S.p.A., one of largest composting treatment companies in Italy, to supply a plant to treat compost water (leachate), coming from several sites in Puglia, Italy for ground discharge or reuse.

“This important project takes advantage of MFT’s established expertise in technologies to treat difficult waters such as compost water, one of the most critical leachates. It also leverages the capabilities of MFT’s CD 140 high pressure circular disk modules that are uniquely engineered to accommodate operating pressure of up to 140 bar and withstand the demands of treating highly polluted waters,” said Karl Michael Millauer, Chief Executive Officer of Aquarion Group, a total enhanced EPC solution provider.

The MFT system, with flow rate of 90 cubic meters per day, consists of two stages.

Operating at a maximum operation pressure of 140 bars, the first stage of the system treats the organic and/or mineral contaminated raw water from the compost. It comprises a plate-and-frame reverse osmosis (RO) system constructed with 24 MFT patented CD 140 high pressure circular disk modules with a membrane area of approximately 216 square meters.

The second stage, which polishes the resulting permeate to meet the discharge limits for clean water, is a spiral wound RO plant that employs a special membrane material with high rejection. The combined total recovery rate is at least 70%.

The MFT membrane plant is fully automated, so that all operation tasks such as start-up and shut down, cleaning, flushing of the sand filter and normal operation take place with no manual action.

MFT develops and markets leading-edge membrane systems used in ultrafiltration, microfiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis for applications ranging from production of pure water, seawater and brackish water desalination, production of potable water, recycling of wastewater, and bath degreasing. Based in Cologne, Germany, MFT also provides service and maintenance as well as delivery of spare parts and specialty chemicals for membrane cleaning and anti-scaling.