Membran-Filtrations-Technik (MFT), a leading developer of membrane technologies, will introduce CD9 InLine, the latest advancement in its circular disc (CD) module and plate and frame technology, at IFAT, Stand A1.552.

CD9 InLine, which connects up to five of MFT’s CD9 Modules in a series, has demonstrated in practical application that it can greatly reduce investment and energy consumption while further improving permeate recovery with very difficult to treat wastewater with total dissolved solids (TDS) of up to 100.000ppm.

CD9 InLine is ideal for minimized or zero liquid discharge systems with its superior ability to reduce the amount of concentrate volume, massively leading to reduced costs for a subsequent evaporator, thus reducing both OPEX and CAPEX.

“The market for Zero Liquid Discharge, Minimal Liquid Discharge, leachate treatment or general water reuse has now a new option to further reduce costs while increasing water recycling rates,” said Andreas Flach, Dipl. Ing. Technical Director and CEO of MFT, an Aquarion Group company.

“MFT is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation in membrane technologies. We are known as a leader in circular disc module systems, and with our new CD9 InLine we are setting new industry benchmarks and widening the gap with our competitors,” he added.

MFT’s CD9 InLine is based on the proven and tested CD9 modules that can handle concentrate such as that from a spiral wound reverse osmosis stages, and further extracts permeate at very high pressure rate up to 200bar in order to minimize wastewater volume while increasing water recovery rates.

Due to the very low pressure loss across each module, it is now possible to bring up to five CD9 modules in series. In practical applications, it means that a single high pressure pump is sufficient to operate up to five in series connected CD9 modules. The key benefit of series connection of the CD9 module is that each module now handles the concentrate of its previous CD module. At each of those five stages, the system can extract high quality permeate with further reduced volume of the concentrate stream. Each stage can be individually controlled and operated completely autonomously.

MFT’s CD9 module system can incorporate any standard dry membrane material for Nano filtration or Reverse Osmosis providing that it can be thermally welded. The membrane cushions inside the CD9 module can easily be exchanged.

MFT’s CD module line is available in different pressure ranges up to 200bar and can handle due to its modular design any flow rate from 1m³/h up to 50m³/h and beyond. Its circular disc modules can be used in such applications as seawater and brackish water desalination, process water recycling, wastewater treatment and water reuse.